Matt Smith

On-demand Development

It's 2018. The days of pretending your business can get by without a developer are over. But not every business needs a full-time developer on staff. That's where I can help. Call me when you need me. I'm like a programming Batman (but my car is less cool). I'll write that program you need to export data from one database to another every night. Or maybe it's an old VB6 application you would like to have migrated to .NET and exposed to the web? I can even help with getting your stodgy old website modernized and mobile ready. With experience solving these kinds of problems, I can help you reap the rewards of doing things more efficiently.

What I can do for you

Custom Software

Every business has its own needs. Do you have business processes that could be made more efficient with the help of a small to medium sized application? Have you or any one in your team ever said, "It would be great if we had an application that..."? You don't need a full time developer on staff, you just need to talk to me.

Software Migration

Maybe you have some legacy applications written in VB6/VBA that are holding you back. Maybe you have something developed in an architecture that is self limiting. All software has a shelf life. If you are bending over backwards to keep old software running (do you maintain an old Windows XP box?) it is probably time to have it redeveloped and improved.

IT Consulting

I love getting small businesses to punch above their weight. A lot of cruft and convoluted processes can be streamlined by having a well thought out IT infrastructure. I can tell you if you need to rip-and-replace or if we just need to smooth out the wrinkles.


  • Custom Software
  • Software Modification
  • Legacy Application Migrations
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Mobile WebApp Development
  • IT Consulting
  • Server Virtualization
  • System Deployment